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Ins and Outs of Life with a Brain Injury 

$150 – contact BIST to be connected to the artist: 

Image Description:

A mixed media representation of the artist’s life with brain injury. The left side is a collage of coloured pictures of the artist as a child and teenager, pre and post brain injury. Above the collage are the words ‘The Shell’.

In the middle, there is an image of a person with a multi coloured brain with the words ‘Life with a brain injury’ in front. Above this is the artist’s name, ‘Ciara’.

On the right side, the artist has written her ‘Inner Thoughts’. These are on a light blue (left) and dark blue background (right):

You “can” do this! / You can’t succeed.

You are strong! / You are weak!

I don’t need help / We can’t help you. Your not broken enough.

I am woman, hear me roar! / Oh no! You can’t do that. You’ll hurt yourself.

Don’t tell an Irish woman what she can or can’t do! / You’re too small

You’re not broken.