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Top Right: The Dream Catcher

Image Description:

A side profile of a beautiful princess and images captured from her fondest dreams. The original painting done in black and white with multiple patterns and designs.

Top Left: After the Storm

Image Description: 

A young girl in a dream like state floating in the water inspired by Avril Lavigne’s song “Head Above Water” conveying the message of never give up. The original artwork was a watercolour painting with a paper overlay and the lyrics of the song written through the painting.

Bottom Right: Bollywood Bride 

Image Description:

A young bride dressed in a colourful jewelled wedding saree, awaiting her ceremony. The original artwork was a brightly coloured acrylic painting with multiple shaped jewels.

Bottom Left: Picture of the Artist 

Image Description:

A picture of the artist, a young woman with straight brown hair. She is smiling and wearing a pink shirt.

Artist Biography

Shreena’s interest in art began at an early age.

She had a passion for painting and drawing. Her grade 12 art was featured in the Student Art Exhibition at Gallery Lambton. Shreena started her post-secondary education at Lambton College in the Fashion Program but graduated from the CICE Program.

After working for a couple of years she decided to purse art as a career. Shreena enrolled in Sheridan College Advanced Visual and Creative Arts Program. She is trying to find and develop her style, a combination of cartoon and realistic.

Shreena is a survivor of a motor vehicle accident. Much of her work is inspired by the incident and the struggles her new life presents to her. Shreena’s dream is to reach people in a meaningful way, increase brain injury awareness and simply put a smile on peoples faces.