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Top Image: Walks in Hastings Highlands

Artist Description: Walks in Hastings Highlands, September 2020: I was quite limited in what I could do at the beginning of my recovery but walking in nature always helped with my headaches and brain fog.

Image Description: A photograph taken from a rocky peak overlooking a dark blue lake, banked by hills covered in trees. The trees are a mixture of fall colours and evergreen trees. The view of the lake in the centre is framed by evergreen trees growing on the rocky ground. The bright blue sky and layers of fluffy white clouds hang over the hills, casting shadows on some sections.

Left Bottom Image: Beach in Diamond Art 

Artist Description: June-July 2021: As my recovery stalled, my mental health deteriorated. I completed this 5D diamond art kit while an inpatient.

Image Description: A piece of “5D diamond art” (rhinestones placed in a grid to form a pattern) of a beach at sunrise. The waves are gently lapping the white sand of the beach. The yellow sun sits just above the horizon, turning the blue sky shades of pale yellow, peach, and pink. The sun and sky are reflected in the waves. There are approximately 30 different colours of rhinestones in this piece, creating a similar effect to impressionist paintings.

Right Bottom Image: Rainbow Hummingbird

Artist Description: January-April 2022: Now back home, my sister taught me to cross-stitch and I find the activity very enjoyable and meditative. I often stitch throughout the day to help clear my brain fog.

Image Description: A cross-stitch embroidery of a hummingbird. The hummingbird was stitched somewhat abstractly, in a rainbow of 21 colours, like stained glass. It is facing left, its wings extended behind in flight. It is stitched on pale purple, blue, and pink 14-count Aida cloth (even-weave fabric).

Artist Biography

Sarah had an mTBI (mild Traumatic Brain Injury) in 2020 and has been recovering from post-concussion syndrome (PCS) since. She hopes to eventually be able to finish her biostatistics MSc that was rudely interrupted. Sarah’s art was done at different points during her mTBI recovery, flowing through her progression as she recovers.