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Top Image: My Identity Logo

Image Description: An image of a person in a wheelchair that is orange, and, in the wheel, there is a bundle of fruit. There is a pink female gender symbol and grey one behind the pink, behind the symbol of the person, there is a crescent moon and a star inside of the female gender sign. There are two brown polls and three brown sticks at the bottom of the wheelchair.

Artist Description: Being a muslim with a disability, who loves nutrition, sewing, knitting and crocheting.

Left Bottom Image: Freedom – $20

Image Description: This is a knitted item with blue, pinks, reds, and white hearts on a sheet of white fabric that is on a red knitted piece on the back.

Artist Description: This colourful embroidery has a heart which represents the love we have, and the wings represent the freedom.

Right Bottom Image: Crocheted Clutch – $30

Image Description: A red crocheted clutch.

Artist Description: The Crocheted Clutch can hold all kinds of your essentials and accessories.