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Left Image: House Finch With Sunflower Seed (12″x 18″)

Image Description:

A red male house finch is centred in the photo. It faces left, away from the copper and clear plastic seed feeder it perches on. It has a sunflower seed in its beak. The background is blurry and white with snow. Many, many blurry snowflakes fall around the finch, some behind and some in front.

Middle Image: Red-Breasted Nuthatch on Fence (12″x 18″)

Image Description:

A red-breasted nuthatch is sharply in focus compared to the worn wooden fence blurring in the background that it perches on. It is in the left of the photo facing to the right and downward, with its tail up and its head down but looking forward. Its white and black facial stripes, gray-blue wings, and red breast are all visible. It is a side profile.

Right Image: Red-Breasted Nuthatch on Brick (12″x 18″)

Image Description:

A red-breasted nuthatch is centred in the photo. It is hanging off a corner of a red brick building, backlit so that the feathers around its edges are lit and the rest of its body is in shadow. It hangs diagonally left-downward, with a slight upturn of its head. Its red breast and belly are visible and its head is turned to the side, revealing black and white facial stripes. The background is blurry but still distinguishable as more brick.

Artist Statement

Birdwatching is a hobby I started to develop while walking around Toronto after my ABI. I have trouble with the TTC, so I tend to walk most places and prefer the quieter side streets. I started noticing lots of different birds while walking, and got more interested in identifying what I was seeing. When COVID hit, I watched my backyard window like it was a 24hr TV show. It’s amazing how many different kinds of birds can be seen in downtown Toronto! Last year, I started taking photos of the birds I saw. It has become such a source of joy!
Kate Forbes is a university student living with Acquired Brain Injury (ABI).