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Josephine Guan’s art is on display at a separate exhibit at:

Window Box Gallery @ Gallery 1313

1313 Queen Street West


The Artist is Napping

Image Description:

A painting of a young woman, she is faced to the viewer and napping on a green couch on two pillows.

Artist Biography

Josephine Guan is a Chinese-Canadian artist and researcher. She is interested in cultural understandings of health and disability and knowledge that stems from lived experience. She has recently extended that practice into documenting the lived experience of others through different modes of storytelling for awareness and change. Her work often takes form as multi-media and assemblage. This installation for the Window Box Gallery @1313 is part of a master’s research project (OCAD University) investigating the lived experience of acquired brain injury.

My brain is sometimes leaky – sometimes foggy. That means constantly negotiating how much I do in a day. I survived my way through grad school propped up by the central premise of Tricia Hersey’s The Nap Ministry: that rest is a tool for liberation and healing. I resist the urge to perform busyness and resist testing the limits of my body by napping. I ask for a collective slowing down so that I can keep up on things that matter.