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Left Image: Portrait of Gabrielle Union –  $1,110

Image Description: A portrait of actress Gabrielle Union. She has straight short black hair, and is wearing a cream-coloured shirt. The background colours that are used are dark purples and blacks.

Middle Image: Portrait of Chadwick Boseman – $1,450

Image Description: A portrait of actor Chadwick Boseman. He is smiling and is wearing a suit. He is looking off into the distance. The background colours that were used are a gradient of dark blue to light blue and brown to beige.

Right Image: Portrait of Tia Mowry – $1450

Image Description: A portrait of actress Tia Mowry. She is looking straight with a smirk. She has short hair and is wearing a black and white shirt. The background colours that were utilized in this portrait is a light pink.

Artist Biography

James Okore is a Toronto based visual artist, specializing in the style of Realism, Abstraction, Expressionism and Surrealism. His resilience and passion were discovered having experienced a life-threatening motor-vehicle accident at the tender age of 6. Through rehab and therapy, and his optimistic spirit for being an accepted member of society, Okore pushed through leaps and bounds and now sees the world in a different light. Always feeling challenged, Okore came to a place where he himself challenged the boundaries of what would be considered as “Art,” developing a greater appreciation for this platform to create. Told that he wouldn’t be able to do things independently based on his accident, Okore started to loosen up, while still paying close attention to details with the least amount of information. From a personal stand point, Okore has always found the subject of identity to be quite fascinating. Okore is best recognized for his captivating mastery when capturing the essence and the spirit of those he interprets in his works, and from a humanist standpoint, giving back through motivating and inspiring others.