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Title: Flamingo Princess (8″ x 11″) $35 (Or Best Offer)

Image Description: There is a little girl that is sketched with a pencil. She is wearing a flamingo dress while wearing a mask on. She is staring straight with the mask over her nose. The ribbon on a stick she is holding is coloured with pinks, yellows, and greens.

Title: Chronic (6″ x 8″) $20 (Or Best Offer)

Image Description: This black and white sketched drawing is a girl holding her head with her hair down in her face. She is sitting down with her knees up wearing adidas pants.

Title: H & V (4″ x 6″) $30 (Or Best Offer)

Image Description: The next black and white sketch drawing is two people smiling side by side, the two people are sketched shoulders up. One girl is smiling with her mouth open and the other one is smirking with her mouth closed.

Artist Biography

Hilary is a Toronto-based artist, nonfiction writer, and U of T doctoral student. Hilary is recovering from TBI, PCS, and spends much of her free time on FaceTime with Isla and Ella, her little nieces.