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Left Image: Black Music Lives Here

Artist Description:

Black Music In The 6ix’s (Drake tribute – ode to Michelangelo ‘Creation of Adam’ in digital/floor mosaic featuring Oscar Peterson surrounded by host of black Canadian performing artists with Toronto skyline and Drake’s piano keyboard).

Middle Image: TORONTO-Ride The Rocket

Artist Description:

Digital Art-Deco style Toronto tourism poster, journeying 100 years in the future.

Right Image: Express Yourself

Artist Description:

Digital watercolour portrait of MPP Dr. Jill Andrew (Toronto St Paul’s) and her partner Aisha Fairclough. Dr. Andrew is a strong historical BIST supporter and advocate

Artist Biography

Graham Landgraff began both studio and digital art in 2018, enjoying the creative and therapeutic essences of artistic story-telling. He is 64 years young, married to his beautiful High School sweetheart Liz with equally jaw-dropping daughter Kristen.