Click on each image to see a larger version of the artwork.

The below pieces are for sale, please contact BIST to be connected to the artist: OR through her website.


Left Image: Flower Bouquet (24 x 2) 

Image Description:

This portrait is a person’s arm reaching out and holding a bouquet of flowers on a grey table underneath. The flowers’ colours are shades of pinks and reds along with green and yellow petals. The background of this piece uses an orange background with black streaks.

Middle Image: Castle (20 x 30)

Image Description:

This image is a painted portrait of a castle in different shades of reds and yellows. The castle is on a hill of grass and is surrounded by trees. The sky is in the background of dark and light blues along with two white clouds.

Right Image: Hockey Mask (28 x 28)

A person holding the side of their face with rays of sunshine in the background. The colour of the person is orange and green and the background is made up of blues, red, green, cream, and green. This picture used a graded pattern.

Artist Biography

I have mainly produced abstract paintings and iPad illustrations throughout the past five years, allowing me to feel productive during rehab and the  COVID Pandemic. My abstract paintings are both in acrylic and watercolour.

I also do freelance graphic design for The Shoe Project. My illustrations have been displayed in online exhibitions and on the website  I am a freelancer for eRose Graphics I have also returned to OCAD to finish my degree after an absence of 10 years. I have 2.5 credits remaining to complete.

My portrait paintings represent identity, alienation, and otherness.  My profound hearing loss, and other physical and mental health issues, have made me feel isolated and othered. I’m interested in the relationship between colour and form. I’m also interested in expressing basic human emotions such as tragedy, joy, happiness, movement, and so on in my work. Since my illness, I do not speak a lot. Whenever I have had something to say, I have told it the way I feel it needed to be expressed and correctly said. Art is my language.

The themes I identify in my artwork are identity and visual culture. There are strides and images expressed using lines, gestures, shapes and splashes of colour. What connects the portraits and the shapes is how people go in and out of the background in my paintings. For this exhibit, I am going to exhibit three acrylic paintings.