Here are common Door-to-Door Scams. You can find out more about scams, HERE.

Water Quality Testing

How it Happens: A sales person comes to your door, claiming that your house has been flagged by the city for water quality testing. They want to enter your home to test the water quality. They may also claim to be coming for their annual check on your thermostat. Do not let them into your home. If a salesperson comes into your house, and refuses to leave or makes you feel uncomfortable, call the police.

Driveway Paving or Roof Repair

How it Happens: A scammer comes to your door stating they have a special offer for today only. They pressure you to sign up for the offer immediately, and require a large deposit. Often these scammers do not show up to do the work at all or do such a poor job you need to pay someone else to do it over again. Remember, scammers will use pressure tactics to get your money right away. Legitimate sales people will not pressure you to pay money immediately. One way to find out about legitimate businesses is through the Better Business Bureau: 1 (800) 459-8875.