On October 27, CBC The Nature of Things aired a documentary about Dr. Norman Doidge’s book The Brain’s Way of Healing. You can stream it (in Canada only), here.

For anyone who has experienced a brain trauma, Dr. Doidge provides hope and has changed the verbiage surrounding brain trauma such as:

  • “this is as good as it gets” or
  • “the brain does not heal” or
  • “no, we don’t have a treatment for autism that works”


  1. Let’s try Bioflex Laser Therapy or
  2. The PoNS™ Device or
  3. The LED light helmet for PTSD

I was initially introduced to Dr. Doidge’s book The Brain That Changes Itself almost eight years ago, which was the first time I could really read about my brain injury. When I read the case studies presented in the book, I was able to piece together my brain injury and put the practice of neuroplasticity into my daily recovery.

Dr. Doidge’s new book, The Brain’s Way of Healing, provides a scientific view of all types of brain trauma based on the neurons in the brain miss-firing.

While watching The Nature of Things segment it became apparent that technology has caught up with brain trauma, and is providing a new and exciting avenue for recovery for all types of brain trauma.

  • For anyone who has experienced a brain trauma in the past, it is not too late.
  • For the caregiver who is looking for answers for recovery, kudos for all the research you have done so far for the person you care about.
  • For all physicians who are involved from diagnosis to recovery you can now provide hope and a better way.

If people are being diagnosed today with any type of brain trauma here are the links that will be important during their recovery, as featured in the CBC documentary:

Dr. Doidge‘s Books The Brain’s Way of Healing and The Brain That Changes Itself.

Dr. Kahn with Bioflex Laser Therapy

Paul Bach-y-Rita, M.D founder of the The PoNS™ Device

Dr. Margaret Naeser in Boston uses a LED light helmet to treat PTSD victims.

Paul Madaule from the Listening Centre in Toronto in the treatment of Autism

Our work is just beginning but thank you to Dr. Doidge and other professionals for not giving up on us.


Jean Oostrom is the creator of New Brain Living as a place where people with brain injuries and the people who care for them can find answers.  New Brain Living started out as a project to make some sense of her own brain injury in 1997, and now is making a difference for many brain injured people and the people who care for them.

Jean has coined herself “the voice for the brain injured person” and provides information “from the brain injured point of view” so people can find answers as they “learn to live with their new brains” after all types of brain trauma.

The following recovery options are available at the New Brain Living website

5 Answers to New Brain Living – The First Step to Learning to Live With Your New Brain

New Brain  Living Book

New Brain Living Blog

Twitter @NewBrainLiving


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