Graham Landgraff

Scroll below to view Graham’s art series, ‘Brain Injury Masks’. At the bottom of the page, read his artist’s statement about why he chooses to work with digital art. Finally, watch a video of what it would be like to view Graham’s work in a gallery.

Price: $78 dollars each plus the cost of printing ($8 for each square foot OR 12×12 inches). Please contact BIST at: OR 416-830-1485 to get connected with the artist. Check out his online catalogue, HERE.

Graham’s piece, ‘Comfort Inside the Fishbowl’ is being shown at Crystall Opticians for the month of June, 2021.

Image Description: Artist Graham Landgraff, a white man with a gray beard poses for the camera. He is wearing glasses, a white hat and red shirt.

Brain Injury Masks Series

Digital art by graham landgraff

Title: Look At My Pain

Image Description: A digital art piece with a navy blue background along with hints of black. Spread across the piece are silhouettes of slender people with varying heights and postures. There are small blotches of red on the top left, almost resembling blood.

Graham Landgraff Digital Art


Image Description: At the center of this digital piece is a man coloured in black and outlined with white, with long green hair. He is wearing cloth on his lower body in a burnt orange colour. There are two ambiguous figures to his right and left side.

Digital art by graham landgraff

Title: Masking Judgements Regarding Ableism

Image Description: An abstract depiction of a face. The background is made up of shades of navy blue and light brown. The face has 3 eyes, with a symmetrical pattern and a geometric nose and lips. The face is in the shape of a semicircle.

Digital art by graham landgraff

Title: Unseen, Unheard

Image Description:  A digital portrait of a mime. The mime is wearing a white shirt with blue horizontal stripes, an orange scarf, white gloves, and a black beret. He has face makeup that consists of white face paint, sad eyebrows, tears, and red lipstick. The man’s hand is touching his mouth, and he presents with a glum look on his face.

Digital art by graham landgraff

Title: Thoughts A-drifting

Image Description: A digital piece showing a man dressed in dark blue sitting cross legged on a blue chair. There is ambiguity in the man’s appearance, as his face is blurred with red. There is a grey wall behind him with an image of a cartoon depiction of a whale. There is an image of a brain inside the head of the whale.

Digital art by graham landgraff

Title: Unable To Soar As Before

Image Description: An abstract digital piece showing a side view of a head. The hair on top of the head forms the body of a turtle. The turtle’s head is propping up a human brain. Drooping down the side of the turtle is an image of a woman with her arms crossed and hair draped down her face, looking upset.

Digital art by graham landgraff

Title: Queen Epinephrine, Queen Of Headache Relief

Image Description: A digital piece with various Egyptian art and geometric elements. The top part of the piece has 3 different shaped triangles, resembling pyramids. There is a bright shining moon on the top left and a palm tree to the right. The middle of the piece has a figure that resembles an Egyptian queen. The bottom part of the piece consists of different sizes and colours of rectangles.

Digital art by graham landgraff

Title: Comfort Inside The Fish Bowl

Image Description: A digital work of a figure with a peach toned face, shaped as a fish. The face has a long rectangular nose and big eyelids. The cheeks are red circles with smaller circular patterns inside. The figure appears to be holding a blue fish bowl containing a fish.

Artist Statement

Digital art is forgiving with easy preparation, clean-up and portability. I have more time to work, now daily in order to focus on expression. The brain injury awareness theme helped me focus on better understanding and then communicating my own feelings and experiences with the abrupt and significant life-changes.

Virtual Expressive Art Show Video