Alexander Jordan

Alex holds a BA and B.Ed, in education as a person with lived experience of ABI. He is compassionate and determined to advocate for all persons with invisible disabilities and brain injury. Alex presented to the Toronto police MCIT unit numerous times, educating proper intervention training in helping persons with disabilities and mental health. He also provided his own patent soothing tool tactile kit for frontline workers to use while aiding persons in emotional distress. Alex is honored to be part of the compassionate Justice committee so he can further continue his educational training to those who can gain from it.

You can follow him on Instagram @transformherboy and check out his online store,

Alex’s art is on display at Oatley Vigmond in Barrie – part of BIST’s Platinum Sponsor PIA Law.

Image Description: Artist Alexander Jordan, a white man with short, dark blond hair and a dark moustache and beard, poses for a picture. He is wearing a black shirt with white dots.

Alexander Jordan Art

digital art piece featuring artist eyes with images of a brain

Title: Eyes and Brain 

Image Description: Digital art, the artist’s face is see behind different clip arts of a brain, divided in 3 horizontal sections

purple digital art image of a brain

Title: Black and Purple Brain 

Image Description: Digital art of a purple brain, with the shadows of a forrest superimposed over it.

Digital art - close up of a brain scan

Title: Tomato Brain Close Up

Image Description: A close-up of a what appears to be a neuron, but is in fact digital overlaid images of tomatoes and pine leaves to look like a neuron. Colours are purple, green and pink.

Digital art image of a brain orange and purple


Image Description: Purple clip art of a brain, overlaid with scratches that are branches. Colours are purple, orange and pink.

Diigtal art - purple brain floating in space

Title: Black and Purple 

Image Description: Image of a purple brain that appears to be floating in space. It’s in darkness and there are shadows of trees surrounding it. A yellow brain like looking object is the bottom left hand corner.

close up for neurons, image of eyes in the background


Image Description: Manipulated digital art of a path, overlaid with shadows that look like they are from tree branches. Colour are purple, orange, blue and black.

Artist Statement

I manipulate images from nature to look like nerves of the brain. As humans we are connected to nature and we have the same elements and characteristics as the natural world around us.

As humans, we are connected to the Earth. The brain looks like the roots of a tree and its branches. Everything in these pieces is from nature: shrubs, tree branches, shadows, even tomatoes, made to look like images of the brain. I edited colours and effects but it all connects to nature.