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Sleep is Where Broken-Winged Birds Fly; Pencil on Illustration Board; 22 x 30″; Not For Sale

Image Description:

A pencil illustration of a woman resting while sitting down. They are wrapped in a garment which is made of folded, crumpled, and braided material. They sit in front of a background which resembles the creases of the palm of a hand. The person appears to be asleep with a peaceful expression on their face.

Artist Description:

My body of work since my brain injury has been to proclaim and explain all of the nuances of how it has impacted my life. Pain is universal, but the meaning we give to that pain, how we narrate it, how we navigate it, is deeply personal. Brain injury drives many of us to isolation, shame and secrecy, and previous avenues for relief are no longer available. Much needed sleep plays a complex role – sometimes an escape, sometimes a reprieve, sometimes restorative, or unattainable, or a catalyst, but each time I close my eyes I hope that it is a place where broken-winged birds can fly.

Artist Biography

I primarily work in a variety of mixed media, including sculptural forms, but allow the subject matter to guide my material selection. I have no formal education in art, but I’ve always felt connected to visual expression and have returned to it throughout my life. Key themes in my artwork tend to explore my positionalty and intersections as a woman, a daughter of immigrants, the changing role of motherhood and wife, and the legacy of my TBI. My work helps me make sense of my world and attempts to express my reality.