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Reptilian Brain;  Digital print of acrylic on canvas; $75

Multidimensional Energy Flow; Watercolour on canvas; 16 x 12″; $35 (Print)

Image Descriptions:

Reptilian Brain 

Watercolour painting. Over a wash of bleeding blue, purple and darker blends of colour. In the forefront coloured shapes, like a puzzle are fused together resembling a lizard body with a vaguely human face. This figure stands out, however its hair and some other features blend into the background. The artist uses dots of colour to show texture on the figure.

Multidimensional Energy Flow

In the centre of the painting a blue sphere floats with gold streaks inside it.  Tan-orange tones flow around the centre, towards the corners of the canvas, creating a ripple effect.

Artist Description

Reptilian Brain 

This was painted during the first year after my injury . My world was based around managing my symptoms and feeling safe in the body. Having an over active nervous system would create pin prick sensations and vibrations; as if someone placed a motorcycle engine inside my chest. Trying to dampen this feeling along with coping with sudden startle reflex activations when a loud noise, or unexpected tap on the shoulder occurred.

Sound and bright light were the enemy.

Simply tracking facial expressions with eye movement could set off a dizzy sloshy body feeling that affected balance. Fatigue would cloud the day and take me captive. “Close your eyes,” it would say, “I need to shut down to reboot.”

My internal world was loud, and the reptilian brain was its ruler.


Multidimensional Energy Flow

This was painted three years after my injury. My body and mind were beginning to communicate with a bit more ease after many therapy treatments, holistic interventions, and mindfulness meditation.

What evolves?

An expanded consciousness, beyond the physical body begins to blossom. No longer captive to the reptilian brain. The multidimensional soul reveals itself from the expanded perspective.

If you look carefully, the painting reveals an energy body from the upper mid left. Exhaling a breath and extending an arm, a heart on an energy string is being flung to glide around the planet below. Sending loving kindness across the energy field.