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Dismissed and Unheard; Mixed Media – words on wooden blocks, acrylic on canvas; 12 x 16″; $250

Feeling Spacey; Acrylic on canvas; 12 x 16″; $250  

Image Descriptions:

Dismissed and Unheard

Painting with mixed media components. The majority of the canvas is black, a mouth is open with words made from wooden lettering visible inside. Around the inside of the mouth “words words” can be seen written with generic talking noises in the centre. Accents on the corners of the painting portray the mouth in motion and creates a feeling of intensity.

Feeling Spacey

Paint on canvas. Spiraling cosmos of blue and purple tones wrap around the canvas with speckles of light from stars throughout. An outline of a female figure is falling down in the center of the painting. Her hair and arm reach up showing the motion of her drop.