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Artist Quote:

Anything can be art, as long as you can interpret it and see the beauty in it.

Floating Carnations

Image Description:

14 different coloured carnations in a background of blue and aqua water. The carnations are all unique in shapes and sizes with two yellow, two soft pink, six orange, two reddish pink and lastly two magenta pink.

Cabin In The Woods

Image Description:

One red and pink cabin, one blue and green cabin with six trees, which two are yellow and orange, two are green and blueish and then there is a burning bush that is red and a purple and grey tree that floats along with all the trees and cabin in a simmering silver background

Artist Biography:

I am a 44 year old female brain injury survivor. I am still recovering from a spinal surgery and the journey has been painful, stressful and long. Due to my mental health during my recovery I picked up a paint brush for the first time at the end of November 2022, while trying to calm the pain in my head. Finally painting has slowed down my vibrations and anxiety in my mind.