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The below pieces are not for sale.

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Left Image: Next time it’ll all be green (12″x15″)

Image Description:

Watercolour painting of white birch trees and green foliage in spring. There’s a lake in the foreground.

Middle Image: Tulips, my love (12″x15″)

Image Description:

Watercolour painting of red tulips with green stems and leaves in a crystal vase. The vase is sitting on a brown table and the wall behind it is blue.

Right Image: Water lilies underwater (12″ x 14″)

image Description:

Watercolour painting of pink, orange and magenta water lilies as seen from below with blue water above.

Artist Statement

Writing has always been my passion. But after a bicycle crash that led to a brain injury, writing felt more like work. I was drawn to art and tried pottery, but centring clay on a wheel required too much mental effort. Maybe paper and pencil were the way to go? My drawing instructor’s main objective was to help students not fear art. For me this also meant learning to not fear the new, TBI-version of myself. That boost reminded me of other times I’d given art a try. But it was the brain injury that got me to continue. The pandemic brought Zoom art classes into my home. The dining room became – and still is – my studio. As the world locked down, I went for walks, took lots of photos and started painting. My art journey is just beginning. Who knows where it will take me.