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Title: Chaos (16″ x 20″) $285  

Artist Description: 

Chaos is a piece of work from the series Out of Order. The photography series arose out of happenstance. Almost a decade ago, I suffered a severe and long lasting concussion.

Brain injuries are one of the strangest medical problems we can experience. On the outside, to those who might meet someone with a traumatic brain injury, it can be completely invisible. On the inside, with the headaches, light sensitivity, brain fog and countless other symptoms, it’s anything but. The idea for the series came to me out of this experience. It is an attempt, through a visual medium, to make an invisible injury visible through photo composites.

I want to visually express how a brain injury feels in hopes that this helps people better understand my experiences and those of the many people who have invisible disabilities. I also hope it helps create more empathy and reduces bias. With Chaos in particular I am trying to show how completely overwhelming it can feel when exposed to noise, light or any other stimulus. I placed that feeling in the top of my head where I have a constant headache.

Image Description:

Hannah is in front of a Lagoon at dusk. Instead of her face there is a oval shaped hole through her head. There is blue and pink cloudy smoke coming out of the top of the hole where her forehead and eyes would be.

Artist Biography

I am a Toronto based photographer. In my work I focus on photo composites. In my composites, I try to synthesize new realities and surreal images. I use these images to tell stories for which pictures are the best way to reach the viewer.