BIST welcomes people living with the effects of brain injury, and their caregivers, of all abilities to our community. Our services are geared towards people living with mild to moderate brain injury. Our office is wheelchair accessible, including touchless wave sensor buttons for our front door. All programs and events occurring outside of our office take place at wheelchair accessible venues. 

When seeking event and program space that occur outside our office (such as Special Events and Workshops) we aim to find venues:

  • where a ‘quiet room’ is available for people to take a break
  • with dim lighting for those with light sensitivity
  • with limited noise pollution (ie: construction noises outside) for people with noise sensitivity 

As a small community agency with limited resources we are unable to provide:

  • attendant care 
  • assistance with transportation to and from our in-person programs
  • waiting with members until their transportation, such as Wheel Trans, arrives

Should have any questions please contact: Madison Chong, Programs Coordinator: