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We provide a variety of programs and services, to the 600 people we serve, through funds we receive via donations, sponsorship fees and monies raised at our signature events.  These funds ensure we continue providing the programs and services our members rely on, each and every week, like:

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BIST has helped me grow as a person.  Over the years, I have become a peer mentor, and I have helped others deal with their ABI and recover. I always loved ‘things’ before my accident, but I was taught by BIST to appreciate the littlest things in life. I do that now with all my heart. 

– Glenn, BIST Volunteer & Member

BIST has made a big difference for my social well-being. I was at home all the time feeling depressed, and that was not who I was. Now I’ve been given hope to get close to being myself again. I know now there is a society among BIST members I can talk to. I never have to feel alone as long as BIST is open to me.

 – Joan,  BIST Member