Thanks to our amazing Corporate Platinum Sponsor PIA Law there are hidden gift cards along certain 5K Routes in Toronto!

While doing your Heroes Run, Walk or Roll from October 1- 11th, 2021, if you’re on one of these routes, be on the look out for a PIA Prize Voucher!

To redeem your prize, contact our Executive Director Melissa Vigar:

Good luck heroes!

Click on the images below to view image in a larger size.


East End Toronto

Taylor Creek Park

250 Dawes Road

Clue: Come find me on one of the bridges in Taylor Creek Park!

Map of Taylor Creek Park
Bridge in Taylor Creek Park

Central Toronto

Evergreen Brickworks

550 Bayview Avenue

Clue: The Red Arrow leads the way!

a metal fence with a sign of a red arrow on it
a ziplocked bag stuck to a tree at Brickworks

Central Toronto

West Deane Park

19 Sedgebrook Crescent