We are thrilled to announce the first winner of our BIST Volunteer of the Year award in the caregiver category – Christine Kokko. If you popped into the office this fall, you would have noticed some changes – mainly that the office was super, duper organized. That’s all thanks to Christiane, who took time out to help do massive de-cluttering and -reorganizing of our space.

We can’t thank her enough!

1. The reason I began volunteering for BIST:

Because I love what they do, and wanted to be part of it!

2. If I could pick any job in the world, I would be:

The first Female Governor of Bank of Canada, as such I would promote the economic and financial welfare of Canada!

3. I have an (irrational or otherwise) fear of:


4. My greatest assets as a volunteer are:

Multitasking, administrative skills and my love for networking 

5. My friends would describe me as:

A Leo – passionate, tenacious and full of love!

6. If I could invent a super power, it would be:

A cure for my husband’s condition

 7. What inspires me most about BIST is:

The team – and the quality of work that comes out of the organization.

8. If I won $1 million dollars I would:

Help people in need  – to give them the opportunity to smile and be happy.

9. My personal hero is:


10. My celebrity “crush” is:

Sting — AND — Colin James … shh – it is a secret!

11. My favourite BIST event is:

Tuesday’s activities – and caregiver me time.

12. A quote/motto I try to live by is:

Be yourself, be and in the moment.

13. If I could volunteer anywhere in the world I would:

Volunteer in Canada — the best place on earth!

14. One time, as a kid, I:

Would run down the hill after school to be the first on to get a candy from the crossing guard – proud moments.

15. I am most proud of:

Who I have become – thanks to my friends and family believing in me.

Stay tuned throughout April as we announce winner in Ambassador and Survivor/ Thriver categories!

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