FREE Self Care Apps

Fabulous App
An app which teaches how to easily approach self-improvement. Helps you forge new habits by providing science-based advice with daily activities that are simple yet enjoyable. Read a Review of the App, HERE

Down Dog App
FREE until May 1st. Learn and/or practice mindful yoga. Great for relaxation and a beneficial mind-body exercise routine. This app is personalized to you, whether you are a beginner or advanced etc, with further options of customizing your practice such as to focus on different areas of your body that need love and attention.

Mindfulness & Meditation Apps

The Mindful Movement Podcast
For individuals who are interested in learning to live mindfully, videos and podcasts are available on the website. 

Insight Timer App
Meditation for and sleep and anxiety. Thousands of guided meditations, music tracks, ambient sounds to calm your mind, increase focus, relaxation, and sleep better. Thousands of discussion group.  Stats and milestones for tracking your progress. Integrated with Apple Health Mindful Minutes 

Guided Meditations with Professor of Cognitive Science at University of Toronto – John Vervake: 
If you have a YouTube account – you can set a reminder to meditate with him at 9:30 a.m., as well you can participate in a live Q & A with him

Neuroscientist, author, philosopher and podcaster Sam Harris 
Sam Harris developed a meditation app called Waking Up. Typically you have to pay $120 per year for the membership. However, if you send an email to his support team, they will set you up with a free year. Email: [email protected] We can help you write and send an email, plus get you set up with the app.  It can be used from a computer, on the web, or on your phone.