Food Access Programs

The Ontario Community Support Association has information on Food & Essential Item Delivery Services including Meals on Wheels, HERE

Get information on Prepared Meal Kit Delivery Programs, HERE

Food Banks 

Most Food Banks in Toronto serve people in specific neighbourhoods. COVID-19 has affected many of these services. For the most up-to-date information on FREE Food Programs, such as Food Banks which are open, please contact 211 or search online HERE. 211 is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Please call BIST if you need any assistance: 416-830-1485. We answer our phone line Monday – Friday, 12- 4 pm.

Red Cross

Phone Number: (416) 236-3180
Mobile food bank for people who are otherwise unable to travel on their own due to health reasons. 

Grocery Delivery Services WITHOUT Delivery Fees

Note: You need to PAY for these groceries, but the delivery is FREE

Good Food Box 
Phone Number: 416-363-6441 ext. 275
The Good Food Box, provided by Food Share, is a non-profit organization which delivers fresh, locally grown, culturally diverse produce every week. All orders must be in by Friday 4 p.m of the week prior to the desired week of delivery.

Butcher Box
Food Delivery Meat Box – 100% grass fed, naturally raised meats: beef, chicken, pork and seafood at your door.