• August 12, 2016
    Totally chill no-bake cookies

    BY: CHEF JANET CRAIG   To over-state the obvious, turning on the oven during this oppressively hot summer is not a good idea. But thanks to our favourite chef Janet Craig, homemade cookies are still a possibility – check out these […]

  • August 4, 2016
    Goal setting after a brain injury

    BY: ALISON Before my concussion, I was always busy. I worked long hours, travelled three times a year, hosted parties, played sports, volunteered and maintained a blog. I had one-year fitness goals, five-year career goals, 10-year family goals, and 30-year […]

  • July 28, 2016
    Thank you Kat

    As many of you know, we’re saying goodbye to our longtime programs and services coordinator, Kat Powell, this week as she heads off to school in another province. Over the past eight years, Kat has been the heart of BIST, and has helped […]

  • July 14, 2016
    ABI survivor + caregiver stress

    BY: MARK KONING Whether you are a survivor or caregiver to someone with a brain injury, it is sometimes quite difficult to find a confidant that you can feel comfortable talking with when it comes to issues such as the […]

  • July 8, 2016
    Vanilla Protein pancakes!

    BY: JANET CRAIG While breakfast may not be in fact the most important meal of the day, our columnist Chef Janet Craig has this mind blowing vanilla protein pancake recipe for you to enjoy, which might just put that ‘most important meal’ […]

  • June 21, 2016
    The brain may be able to repair itself

    BY: SOPHIA VOUMVAKIS In June of last year I wrote a post entitled Can the Brain Repair Itself? The answer to this question according to research conducted by Dr. Siddharthan Chandran, director of the Centre for Clinical Brain Sciences, is “Yes, just not […]

  • June 16, 2016
    Songs to celebrate our strength

    BY: RICHARD HASKELL “Music produces a kind of pleasure which human nature cannot do without.” – Confucius Human beings are emotional and irrational creatures. We’re guided by the heart, and we respond emotionally to the sounds that music creates. […]

  • June 14, 2016
    Eat your GREENS!

    BY: JANET CRAIG Brain Injury Awareness Month is here – and to celebrate ABI awareness and help us get our green veggies on , our columnist chef Janet Craig has written a super-green salad recipe for us to enjoy. (Because green is […]

  • June 10, 2016
    Concussions – what’s missing?

    BY: KAROLINA URBAN Its been over two years since my last concussion, which I got while playing hockey. I still have difficulty focusing and remembering small details. I have anxiety and, at times, I feel down. Although I no […]

  • May 27, 2016
    Blow out your stress bubble

    by Alison Since my injury, I’ve had a difficult time letting go of negative thoughts and feelings, especially after unpleasant encounters with people. Rehearsing comebacks to conversations that would never happen and singing the Disney song, ‘Let It Go‘ wasn’t […]